Creative Recreation Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment

Pine Grove School - Avon, CT

Creative Recreation Site Furnishings

Park Architecture

Crystal Lake Park - Middletown, CT

Creative Recreation Fabric Shade Shelters

Fabric Shade Shelters

Lake Compounce - Bristol, CT

Creative Recreation Site Furnishings

Site Furnishings

Eisenhower Park - Milford, CT

Creative Recreation Fitness Equipment

Fitness and Sports Equipment

TrekFit Fitness

Creative Recreation Safety Surfacing

Playground Equipment

Tiffany Moore Park - Boston, MA

Creative Recreation

Creative Recreation is a full service company offering the finest in Park and Playground Equipment. We have chosen to represent some of the finest product lines in the industry offering a wide assortment of park and shade shelters, site furnishings, surfacing, water play, skate parks and playground equipment. An on-staff construction coordinator and full time crew provide a Factory Authorized Installation or a Supervised Community Build.

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Our comprehensive approach ensures that each customer gets the right equipment to meet both needs and budget while NEVER sacrificing quality and safety.

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An on-staff construction coordinator and/or full time crew provide an authorized installation, a Supervised Community Build and on-site repairs.

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Community Build

What is a Community Build? Creative Recreation will supervise your volunteers as they erect the new playground. The benefits extend far beyond a financial savings.

Maintaining Playgrounds

Please fill out the following questioner if we can help you better maintain your playground area.

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Boundless Playgrounds

Miracle Recreation was the first playground equipment company to join the Boundless Playgrounds Industry Partner Program in late 2005.

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Related Organizations

Look to Creative Recreation for all your RELATED ORGANIZATIONS needs. We can provide up-to-date information on guidelines and standards.

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Creative Recreation Playground Equipment
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