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Get a safe and complete whole-body workout using nothing more than a park bench.

The simplicity of a park bench belies the amazing variety of exercises it offers. The seat of the bench allows for specific movements that can be executed by the hands and feet, and leg power can be built by using it as a platform for a vertical leap. The backrest can be used for balance and flexibility movements and its height makes it perfect for a variety of strength-building push-ups.

Often spread out on walking trails, a bench can be used as an extra exercise station in a well-thought out training circuit. In addition, walking, jumping or sprinting between each bench is a great way to stimulate the cardiovascular system. Benchfit is ideal for trails, seniors’ residences, small spaces and limited budgets.

Natural obstacles

In keeping with TREKFIT’s ethos of blending in harmoniously with the environment, natural objects such as rocks, boulders and tree trunks can be used by our kinesiologists to create customized fitness circuits.